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Ready, Set, Cook!

We specialise in enjoyable, corporate cooking activities that enable our clients to motivate and reward their employees with entertaining events. Our bespoke programs aspire to reignite the spark towards success, targeting to:

  • Encourage teamwork
  • Improve communication
  • Strengthen the bonds
  • Build empathy, trust, and compassion
  • Boost morale and self confidence
  • Help people relax and have fun together

A recipe for Team building! Not all activities are welcomed by everyone. However, there are a few that tick all the boxes and Cooking is one of them. Through our events we offer a fun and memorable activity that is specially designed with your core objectives in mind. Our programs are adapted to your specific set of needs. We plan and design the culinary activity that is best suited to your organisation.

Sign up to an enjoyable experience! Cooking is so much fun, it reminds people of home and loved ones. It evokes emotions and breaks down professional barriers. We create a relaxed, playful, and harmonious environment, where the participants can feel at ease and enjoy themselves. Creating a meal together instigates connection in a setting other than the workplace. It brings people together through collaboration and forges stronger connections.

We are only as strong as our team! I see it every day and it certainly applies to Team Stavris. I have complete faith in my people, and we are more efficient when everyone is happy and motivated. Now is the time to organise a special activity that your team will absolutely love and talk about!

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