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Treat yourselves and your loved ones to the ultimate dining experience

Imagine an exclusive restaurant that is only open for a single night, and you are the sole guests. Private dining grants you the privilege to savour restaurant quality meals and impeccable service from the comfort of your own home.

Have a blast with your loved ones, while Team Stavris creates memorable moments and exquisite food. Whether it is a romantic dinner for 2 or a larger dinner party, the magic remains the same. So, how does the magic happen? To start with, we must combine our forces to craft the perfect menu that is tailored to your event, tastes and requirements.

Τhat is all we need from you, your job is done! We shall take over from here and ensure that we devise a dinner to remember. I handpick the freshest ingredients and get myself ready for your big night. Eventually, the time comes, and cooking mode is on. There is only 1 table tonight and it is yours.

Every detail matters and our professional team will make sure that everything is flawless. I shall be in your kitchen, preparing your perfect meal from scratch.  But not all the time… I love cooking but I also enjoy meeting people and having a chat. Cooking tips are, of course, free of charge.

Our sole purpose is for you to have the perfect night in. Have lots of fun, taste great food and enjoy your evening to the fullest. Life is all about sharing moments with our special people. So, lets create special & ‘delicious’ moments together!  

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